25 years of eating and drinking in the Pacific Northwest

…of eating and drinking in the Pacific Northwest.

Chasing Food Carts


Since publishing one of the first major surveys of Portland’s then-booming food cart scene

Tom Douglas’s Prosser Farm

Tom Douglas loading a delivery truck

A delivery truck drives up to Palace Kitchen, the restaurant opened in 1996 by Seattle’s culinary maestro, Tom Douglas. The driver steps out, and an eager Tom bounds up to

Portland-style dining interview with Bruce Carey

Mention the name Zefiro (1990–2000) to anyone who’s paid a fancy to Portland’s dining scene for the past 25 years and you’re bound to hear swoons.

Good Eggs

Source of good eggs is first the chicken

At a winter or early spring farmers market, would you pay $7 (or more) for a dozen eggs, when grocery stores are offering Easter specials of $3 (or less) per dozen?

Craft Distilling

Stephen McCarthy is the godfather of American craft distilling.

Serious Coffee

Head Roaster Steve Smith selecting roasted coffee beans

The joke goes something like this: “I’d like a half-soy, half-decaf, double shot, grande, vanilla—extra wet, no whipped cream—latté to go,”

D.Y.I. Booze

Book, The Seasonal Cocktail Companion by Maggie Savarino

Eating seasonally is commonplace nowadays in the Pacific Northwest, yet the same principles—with a modicum of patience—apply just as well behind the bar as at the dining table.

Living La Vida Locavore

Sooke Harbor House

Twenty-five years ago, the specials on many Pacific Northwest restaurant menus featured ingredients from

Modernist Cuisine

The six-volume, 2,438-page magnum opus