What makes an AVA?

On the advent of the Northwest’s newest appellation, Cole Danehower discusses the process and elements  that made The Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley the newest Washington State wine appellation. The idea of wine appellations itself is ancient: Roman and Greek commentators noted how some places were better for winemaking than others. The French system of appellation d’origine contrôlée not only defines specific growing regions, but also growing techniques, standards, and wine quality. The American system of AVAs (American Viticultural Areas), while loosely based on the French model, only defines specific geographies where grapes are grown; there is no element of wine quality or character explicitly involved in the process of AVA designation. All that is…

Gulf Island Wines

Gulf Island wineries

We stepped out on deck just after the ferry sailed clear of the Tsawwassen terminal. Standing close together, braced against the wind, we admired the stars. Behind us, Vancouver’s lights were beginning to fade and ahead of us

David Adelsheim – the growth of Oregon’s wine industry

David Adelsheim

No one has had a stronger impact on the development of the Oregon wine community than David Adelsehim.

Harry McWatters on British Columbia wine

Harry McWatters

If any one man can be said to have put British Columbia on the world’s wine map, it is Harry.

Allen Shoup on the maturation of the Washington wine industry

Allen Shoup

Nobody understands Washington wines better than Allen Shoup.

Biodynamic Winemaking

The barn at Brickhouse Vineyard

Doug Tunnell returned to his native Oregon to grow wine

Ancient Lakes Newest Northwest AVA

Ancient Lakes in winter

Washington State adds to its ranks of American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) with the announcement from the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) that the proposed Ancient Lakes AVA has been approved

Pacific Northwest Viognier

  With its variety of microclimates, the Pacific Northwest is well suited for making different styles of wine from the Viognier grape.

Pairing Food with Viognier

Wine and food pairing

Viognier balances fleshy seductiveness, an undercurrent of acidity, and complex minerality. In some styles, it is the perfect food wine; in others, it comes across so big and full-bodied that it is almost a meal in itself. 

Southern Oregon Renaissance

Del Rio Vineyards

The home of Oregon wine sees new growth and attention… Modern Oregon wine began here. In 1961, on a gently sloping plateau northwest of Roseburg,