• Apples

    Cider makes a comeback

    Apples are indisputably the iconic frontier fruit, yet no drink has

  • Bottles of bitters

    Build Your Own Bitters

    Take Some Bitters Advice For the home mixologist, the commercially available bitters can seem confusing:

  • Bee

    Spicy Honey Glaze

    But about one-third of the human diet is derived from plants pollinated by creatures. And honeybees perform 80% of this work.

  • A handful of freshly dug truffles

    In pursuit of Northwest Truffles

    No longer just an underground treasure, native Northwest truffles—especially in Oregon—are emerging as a gourmet alternative to more expensive Italian fungi.


Asian pear

Fall in love with Asian pears

Asian pears are distinctly delicious. With the first bite your mouth is filled with thirst-quenching juice and amazing flavors.


The Uncanny Sardine

  Fresh sardines are a delight; canned sardines, not so much. Robert Clark, the executive chef of C, Nu, and Raincity Grill restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia, demonstrates a delicious dish

Montreal Night Lights

Seattle Chefs Light Up Montreal

Six of Seattle’s top chefs showcased Pacific Northwest cuisine at Montréal’s 13th annual Lumière festival, a two-week citywide celebration of arts and gastronomy held this past February 2012.


Gulf Island wineries

Gulf Island Wines

We stepped out on deck just after the ferry sailed clear of the Tsawwassen terminal. Standing close together, braced against the wind, we admired the stars. Behind us, Vancouver’s lights were beginning to fade and ahead of us

Sooke Harbor House

Living La Vida Locavore

Twenty-five years ago, the specials on many Pacific Northwest restaurant menus featured ingredients from

The Allison's Jory Restaurant

Culinary Tourism

As general manager of The Allison Inn and Spa in Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country, Pierre Zreik

Biking and Beer Trail around Bend, Oregon

Ale Aboard

….wearing helmets and toting bottles of water, we steered our bikes down Bend’s brick-paved road in search of Beervana.