Gulf Island Wines

Gulf Island wineries

We stepped out on deck just after the ferry sailed clear of the Tsawwassen terminal. Standing close together, braced against the wind, we admired the stars. Behind us, Vancouver’s lights were beginning to fade and ahead of us

Living La Vida Locavore

Sooke Harbor House

Twenty-five years ago, the specials on many Pacific Northwest restaurant menus featured ingredients from

Harry McWatters on British Columbia wine

Harry McWatters

If any one man can be said to have put British Columbia on the world’s wine map, it is Harry.

Salt Spring Island Apple Festival Travel Planner


As autumn sets in, harvest festivals abound throughout the Pacific Northwest. At the annual Salt Spring Island Apple Festival, the apple gets to shine.

Tantalus, British Columbia

2008 Old Vines Riesling, Okanagan Valley VQA

Tofino Travel Planner


There’s something otherworldly about Long Beach. Standing at the ocean’s surf-battered edge gazing westward, it’s a powerful thing to think the next landfall is Japan. Long Beach is an area on the west coast of Vancouver Island stretching

Boss Hog

Robert Belcham

“Every one of my cooks knows how to break down a pig,” says Robert Belcham

Southern Okanagan Charm

From Osoyoos and the Golden Mile Bench to Black Sage Road, the warm-climate South Okanagan Valley is British Columbia’s most alluring wine region.