Chocolate Almond Macaroons

Chocolate Macaroons

from a recipe in Pure Chocolate, by Fran Bigelow

White Truffle & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Truffle Ice Cream

Douglas Fir Ice Cream & Huckleberry Sorbet Bombe

Chef Matt Bennett preparing bombe

Many Native families in the Northwest still trek to the Cascades in late summer

Huckleberry Sorbet

Chef Matt Bennett of Sybaris restaurant in Albany, Oregon prepares a menu inspired by food traditions of Oregon’s Kalapuya tribe.

Radish Sorbet

Battle Radish

Here’s the recipe! Enjoy as an intermezzo, light dessert, or freeze into an ice pop or daiquiri and slurp poolside. You might even try a scoop in a Champagne flute and top with your favorite local bubbly for a refreshing summertime aperitivo.

Roasted Peaches in Bourbon Syrup with Smoked Salt

One bite of this dish promises to “expand the boundaries of sensation separating your mouth from the rest of your body, and you’ll be feeling spiciness in the warmth of your hands and smokiness in the tingling of your toes,” or so says Bitterman, who won a James Beard Foundation Book Award this year for his manifesto on all things Salted. You might also try grilling the peaches—but if you do, use an un-smoked salt or the dish might taste overly smoky. Recipe: Roasted Peaches in Bourbon Syrup with Smoked Salt Summary: Courtesy of Mark Bitterman, The Meadow, Portland, OR. Reprinted from Salted: A Manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Mineral, with Recipes by Mark…

Himalayan Salt Bowl Chocolate Fondue

Himalayan Salt Bowl Chocolate Fondue

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Bourbon-spiked Chocolate Ice Cream

From the September/October 2009 isssue of Northwest Palate Courtesy Jay Jones, head bartender and Chris Irving, Chef, at Pourhouse in Vancouver, B.C. “The earthy flavor from the booze adds something special,”