Seattle Chefs Light Up Montreal

Montreal Night Lights

Six of Seattle’s top chefs showcased Pacific Northwest cuisine at Montréal’s 13th annual Lumière festival, a two-week citywide celebration of arts and gastronomy held this past February 2012.

Chasing Food Carts


Since publishing one of the first major surveys of Portland’s then-booming food cart scene

Good Eggs

Source of good eggs is first the chicken

At a winter or early spring farmers market, would you pay $7 (or more) for a dozen eggs, when grocery stores are offering Easter specials of $3 (or less) per dozen?

T.G.I.G.F. Gluten-Free Dining

Thank goodness,

Red Curry Soup with Chicken and Rice Noodles

Gluten-free Red Curry Soup

From The Gluten-free Asian Kitchen by Portland author, Laura B. Russell, we share a gluten-free recipe for a delicious red curry soup with chicken and rice noodles.

Shopping with a Chef

Ericka Burke loaded with goods

  Ericka Burke of Seattle’s Volunteer Park Cafe It’s your local farmers market. The corner convenience store. The coffee shop where you don’t need to place an order anymore because the barista knows exactly what you want every morning. The neighborhood restaurant that you can count on for a comforting meal with a wallet-friendly bill on those nights when

Retro Redo

Dungeness Crab Cocktail with Green Goddess Dressing

Cookbook author Ivy Manning takes us through the kitchen remodel  in her 1940s-era house, and shares her riffs on classic recipes inspired by the historic Mallory Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

Astoria’s restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, wine tasting rooms and seafood markets.

Astoria has become an epicurean nirvana with terrific restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, wine tasting rooms, and seafood markets. The handsome post-1923 downtown buildings constructed after a devastating 1922 fire are intact and today house shops, lodging, art galleries, and eateries. You can stay in many of those charming hillside Victorian homes that have become bed and breakfast inns, like the eclectic Clementine’s. Or, immerse yourself downtown at the spiffy no-frills Commodore Hotel or the more luxurious vintage Hotel Elliot. For opulent, whimsical weddings, parties, or overnight extravagance, check out The Banker’s Suite . Owner Trish Bright has turned a vintage 5,000-square-foot, two-story bank into an enchanting marvel. If you prefer stunning river views with huge ships seeming…

Praising Shellfish

Ethan Stowell

by Ethan Stowell— I might be biased, since I’m from Seattle. I’ll admit to that.  But I dare you to argue that Washington State isn’t a damn good place to eat. The diners, the chefs, the farmers—we’re all in it together, enjoying the amazing foods from our backyards: a stellar array of wild mushrooms, juicy pears, crisp, flavorful apples, berries, lentils and grains. But in my book, if there is a single food that defines Washington and sets us apart, it’s not apples. (Sorry Eastern Washington, I said I was biased.) No, seafood is our crowning glory, and our premier crop is shellfish. I think all kids in this state should be able to shuck…

Boss Hog

Robert Belcham

“Every one of my cooks knows how to break down a pig,” says Robert Belcham