Lamb Butchery

Lamb Butchery

Nervous? No. Breakdown? Yes.

Living on the Lamb

Lava Lake Lamb

Get to know a few of the the Pacific Northwest area’s lamb suppliers, and even meet some at the lamb fests taking place around the region this fall—and for the truly hardcore foodie, get schooled about lamb butchery.

Lamb Shoulder Confit, Warm Huckleberry Preserves, Creamy Parsnips

At last year’s American Lamb Jam, chef Mark Bodinet from Copperleaf Restaurant at the Cedarbrook Lodge took home “Best in Show” honors for his preparation of lamb shoulder served with a smooth and creamy purée of parsnips and a sauce made from ripe, summer huckleberries.

Spicy Lamb Salad

Many of the food items on the menu at CK’s in Hailey, Idaho are locally sourced, while many of the flavors are globally inspired.