Good Eggs

Source of good eggs is first the chicken

At a winter or early spring farmers market, would you pay $7 (or more) for a dozen eggs, when grocery stores are offering Easter specials of $3 (or less) per dozen?

Culinary Tourism

The Allison's Jory Restaurant

As general manager of The Allison Inn and Spa in Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country, Pierre Zreik

International Pinot Noir Celebration

IPNC International Pinot Noir Celebration pouring wine after wine

It started as a group of Willamette Valley family winemakers inviting other producers of Pinot Noir to share their bounty once a year. Today, IPNC, as it is known, has become one of the world’s most acclaimed and admired wine events

David Adelsheim – the growth of Oregon’s wine industry

David Adelsheim

No one has had a stronger impact on the development of the Oregon wine community than David Adelsehim.

Educating Tomorrow’s Culinarians

Brian Wilke

Six years ago, veteran culinary instructors Brian Wilke  and Eric Stromquist created a different kind of cooking school.

¡Salud!’s Leda Garside’s recipe for Healthy Tamales

Leda Garside's Healthy Tamales

Making tamales, which can be a daunting, multiple-day cooking process, is made easier with the assistance of a few kitchen helpers. As a bonus, the camaraderie makes for a pleasant afternoon of Spanish conversation in the kitchen.

In pursuit of Northwest Truffles

A handful of freshly dug truffles

No longer just an underground treasure, native Northwest truffles—especially in Oregon—are emerging as a gourmet alternative to more expensive Italian fungi.

Southern Oregon Renaissance

Del Rio Vineyards

The home of Oregon wine sees new growth and attention… Modern Oregon wine began here. In 1961, on a gently sloping plateau northwest of Roseburg,

Ale Aboard

Biking and Beer Trail around Bend, Oregon

….wearing helmets and toting bottles of water, we steered our bikes down Bend’s brick-paved road in search of Beervana.

The State of Jefferson

Southern Oregon

Spend any time in southern Oregon and you can’t escape references to the “State of Jefferson”—even on winery websites. In 1941 there was an abortive, but very real, secession movement (inspired by the lack of good roads in the rural area) that aimed to create what then would have been the 49th state—to be named “Jefferson”—from the counties forming southern Oregon from Douglas County, to northern California’s Mendocino County. A Proclamation of Independence was drafted, Yreka was designated the capital, a governor was elected, and the main road was blockaded. But timing was bad. The nascent rebellion came to an immediate stop on December 7, 1941, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor—participants swore allegiance to…