2013 James Beard Foundation Awards

James Beard Foundation Award

Portland chefs and authors took home top honors at the 2013 James Beard Foundation Awards, the annual Oscars of the culinary world presented in New York City. Chef Gabriel Rucker of the Stumptown restaurants Le Pigeon and Little Bird was named Best Chef Northwest.  It was the second Beard award for the 32-year-old chef who continues to make headlines for his bold and inventive cuisine. “I wasn’t prepared at all,” said Rucker who was among nearly two dozen chefs cooking at the gala and accepted the award in his chef’s coat. How is it to be a two-time Beard award winner within two years? Said Rucker:” That’s crazy stuff. I don’t even know.” In 2011,…

The Uncanny Sardine


  Fresh sardines are a delight; canned sardines, not so much. Robert Clark, the executive chef of C, Nu, and Raincity Grill restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia, demonstrates a delicious dish

Seattle Chefs Light Up Montreal

Montreal Night Lights

Six of Seattle’s top chefs showcased Pacific Northwest cuisine at Montréal’s 13th annual Lumière festival, a two-week citywide celebration of arts and gastronomy held this past February 2012.

Tom Douglas’s Prosser Farm

Tom Douglas loading a delivery truck

A delivery truck drives up to Palace Kitchen, the restaurant opened in 1996 by Seattle’s culinary maestro, Tom Douglas. The driver steps out, and an eager Tom bounds up to

Portland-style dining interview with Bruce Carey

Mention the name Zefiro (1990–2000) to anyone who’s paid a fancy to Portland’s dining scene for the past 25 years and you’re bound to hear swoons.

Craft Distilling

Stephen McCarthy is the godfather of American craft distilling.

D.Y.I. Booze

Book, The Seasonal Cocktail Companion by Maggie Savarino

Eating seasonally is commonplace nowadays in the Pacific Northwest, yet the same principles—with a modicum of patience—apply just as well behind the bar as at the dining table.

Living La Vida Locavore

Sooke Harbor House

Twenty-five years ago, the specials on many Pacific Northwest restaurant menus featured ingredients from


There’s no 30-minute recipe for making tamales, nor is there any quick solution to the healthcare crisis that many low-income workers face.

Culinary Tourism

The Allison's Jory Restaurant

As general manager of The Allison Inn and Spa in Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country, Pierre Zreik