The Uncanny Sardine


  Fresh sardines are a delight; canned sardines, not so much. Robert Clark, the executive chef of C, Nu, and Raincity Grill restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia, demonstrates a delicious dish

Tom Douglas’s Prosser Farm

Tom Douglas loading a delivery truck

A delivery truck drives up to Palace Kitchen, the restaurant opened in 1996 by Seattle’s culinary maestro, Tom Douglas. The driver steps out, and an eager Tom bounds up to

Good Eggs

Source of good eggs is first the chicken

At a winter or early spring farmers market, would you pay $7 (or more) for a dozen eggs, when grocery stores are offering Easter specials of $3 (or less) per dozen?

Down-Home Dining

Plate and Pitchfork dinner table set outdoors on the farm

“Ten years ago, people weren’t talking about local, organic, sustainable,”

Matello, Oregon

Matello 2009 Pinot Noir, Lazarus, Willamette Valley